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Welcome to
Ginger's Capital District
All American Soap Box Derby

Join the Capital Districts Only Gravity Race 

Contact Ginger Miller under the contacts link
and be a part of a great fun family type event  

We would like to Thank
 The Albany Boys and Girls Club for supporting us with our event for the last 2 years with a place for our Meetings and Car Inspections. 

Wishing all the 1st place drivers heading to Akron Ohio for the championship 
 Good Luck!!!

2015 Race Results 

1st place     Benjamin Smith

2nd Place     Madison VanDenburg
3rd Place     Madison Halter

Super Stock
1st Place     Ava Gamella

2nd place   Quazier Wertz
3rd Place    Meghan Penman

1st Place     Ian Shaw

2nd Place Rufus McDowell
3rd Place Maksim Gally

Super Kids 
1st Place Shay-Lynn Davis
Driven by Taylor VanDenburg

2nd Place Michael Puzio 
driven By Michael Morowski

 2015 Drivers

Congrats to the NY Giants Football Winner
Duane Powers


Special Congrats to
Cameron Burdgick placing 3rd in The Masters Division
Ally Burdgick for Placing 8th In the Masters Rally Division
In the National AASBD of Akron Ohio 2014
Well Done !!!

June 21 & 22 2014 Race results
Congratulations to all our 2014 Champions
Good Luck in Akron !!!!
Masters Division
1st place   Cameron Burdgick

  2nd Place    Madison Halter
  3rd place    Donald Karasz

Super Stock Division

1st place
    Molly O'Toole

          2nd Place   Taylor VanDenburg
3rd Place     Drew Decker

Stock Division

1st Place   Ava Gamello

2nd Place    Ian Shaw
 3rd Place    Max Miller

Super Kids Division

1st Place       Sam McLaughlin

2nd Place        Mike Puzzio
   3rd Place         Isiah Oglesby

A special thanks to the Drivers for the Super Kids. All the kids had a great time and were very appreciative of the professional manners and skills of you all.

Dana Bender
Betsy O'Toole
Drew Decker 
Michael Morowski

The 2014 Drivers 

Masters Division

Cameron Burdgick

Madison Vandenberg

Faith OToole

Madison Halter

Sara Fuller

Donald Karasz

Superstock Division

Logan Aiello

Taylor Vandenberg

David Terry Jr. 

Drew Decker

Alex Decker

Tre' Vaughn Barboza

Ryan Penman 

Quazier Wertz

Gavin VanAuken

Jenna Cripps

Molly (Mary) O'Toole

Elizabeth Steinhorst

Mackenzie Therrien

Amina Webster

Zaire Higgins

Annabelle Farrell

Meghan Penman

Stock Division

Ava Gamello

Rufus Nguyen-McDowell

Owen Goslow

Marah Gally

Michael Shaw

Ian Shaw

Tistan Randle

Michael Kleinke

Khaleed Abrahams 

Max Miller

Trevor Bernard

Olivia Aquado

Devin Kilgallen

*New to Albany this Season*
Super Kids Division 

Michael Puzio 

Shay-Lynne Davis 

Samuel McLaughlin

Isaiah Oglesby

Winner of the 2013 NY Giants Football 
is Mikey Dady

The entire staff and all the racers would like to thank
Ginger Miller
For her continued efforts in keeping the Soap Box Derby alive in Albany NY

And Always a Huge thanks for all of our staff and volunteers who make this derby possible to run. 
 The After Derby Dinner is always a Fantastic Fun time to relax and laugh about the events of the day with our great Staff.  

June 8 & 9 2013 Race results

Masters 1st Place 
Ally Burdgick

2nd place Taylor VanDenburg
3rd Place Christopher Gilleece

Super Stock 1st place
Madison VanDenburg

2nd Place Logan Aiello
3rd place Quazier Wertz

Stock 1st Place 
Katie Warner


2nd place Ian Shaw
3rd place Rufus Nyguyen 

The 2013 Drivers 

Masters Division

Ally Burdgick

David Karasz

Emily Doty

Sarah Fuller

Taylor Vandenburg

Christopher Gileece

Elizabeth O'Tool

Superstock Division

Drew Decker

Donald Karasz

Ryan Pennman

Mackenzie Therrien

Katie Abel

Amina Webster

Madison Vandenburg

Logan Aeillo

Alex Decker

Kengie Morales

Kyilee Vermilyea 

Quazier Wertz

Everett Burby

Marquis Jones

Liberty Seifert

Taylor Hess

Faith O'Tool

Breann Stalker

Stock Division

Katie Warner

Madison Halter

Khaleed Abrahams

Kayla Eames

Artenio Rodriquez

Ayanna Williams

Max Miller

Rufus Nguyen

Maxim Gottlics

Ian Shaw

Molly O'Toole

Olivia Aguado

Ava Gamello

June 9th 2012 Race results 

Masters 1st place 
Dana Kellogg

2nd place Ally Burdgick
3rd Place Cameron Gilleece

Super Stock 1st place
Nicole Rynders

2nd Place Logan Aiello
3rd place David Karasz

Stock 1st Place
Taylor Vandenburg 

2nd place Madison Halter
3rd place Katie Warner 

Take a ride down Madison Avenue with Kayleigh Degonzague

Take a ride down Madison Avenue with Thomas McHugh


Cameron Gilleece
Emily Doty
Sara Fuller
Ally Burdgick
Betsey O'toole
Dana Kellogg


Drew Decker

Haley McHugh

Madison Vandenburg

Logan Aiello

Nicole Rhynders

Christopher Gilleece

Kayleigh DeGonzague

Jacob Garry

Ryan Penman

Faith O'Toole

Robert Rosario

David Karasz

Dakota Rose

Jared Hunter

Michael Campbell

Jah'male Dickson

Madison Glock
Tom Curiale


Thomas McHugh

Alex Decker

Tayler Vandenburg

Hayden Todd

Katie Warner

Madison Halter

Devyn Millner-Callahan
Donald Kurasz 

Rose Stalker

Molly O'Toole

Brandon Kramer

Taylor Hess

Artemio Rodriquez

Winston Slater

Novindro Clark

Breann Stalker

Drivers View Ramp 1


1st Place - Andrew Decker
 Clifton Park, NY

2nd place - Taylor Vandenburg
 Cohoes NY
3rd Place - Jacob Preville
 Schenectady, NY

1st Place - Cameron Burdgick
 Guilderland, NY

2nd Place - Dakota Rose, Rensselaer, NY
3rd Place - Shaquore Caldwell, Albany, NY

1st Place - Nicole Rhynders, Albany, NY

2nd Place - Emily Doty, Schenectady, NY
3rd Place - Betsy O'Toole, Albany, NY

1st Place Winners will go to Akron, Ohio on July 23rd to compete in the world wide championships.

Thank you to banner-carriers in the 2011 Memorial Day Parade:
Deante Moore
Taylor VanDenburg
Emily Doty
Cameron and Christopher Gilleece
Katelyn Alderson
Jacob Preville

2010 Race
Congratulations to the winners of the 2010 Capital District Soap Box Derby

1st Madison VanDenburg

2nd Taylor VanDenburg
3rd Helaina Howe

Super Stock
1st Dana Bender

2nd Danny Martino
3rd Christina Morawski

1st Cory Marriott

2nd Nicole Rynders
3rd Jessica Riccardi

2010 World Championship in Akron, OH
Masters Rally Racing
1st Place: Michael Morawski (Guilderland, NY)

Thank you to all of our sponsors.  Visit our Sponsors page by clicking link at left.

The 2012 race is open to all Boys and Girls ages 8 to 18.  The winners of the local Capital District Soap Box Derby will win a trip to Akron, Ohio ($500 - $1,000 allowance) to compete in the World Championship in July, 2011.

There are three divisions of racing:

Stock: 7-13 year olds, up to 5'3" and 125 pounds.

Superstock: 10-17 year old, up to 6' and 150 pounds.

Masters: 10-17 years old, up to 6' and 150+ pounds.

All racing cars are purchased as kits which range from $700 to $800.  Pre-owned cars may also be available by contacting the Race Director.  Rules change slightly from year-to-year, so older cars may require modification or may not be eligible for racing.  Racing registration fee is $50.  Drivers normally obtain a sponsor to reduce cost.

Here is link to the national website:


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